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BOOK TALK | My September Reading Plans

I'm not typically one for monthly TBR's... Don't get me wrong, at the start of each month I have some what of a tentative TBR, but given that I'm such a mood reader it often alters greatly and so I don't share those here on the blog. This September is different however... I've been excited for my reading material in the month of September for a good few weeks now, and I can't wait to delve in.

September 13th is the birthday of one of my all time favourite authors - Roald Dahl. This year marks what would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday... And whilst in previous years I've just read books by the author on his birthday specifically (also known as Roald Dahl day), this year I wanted to do something a little different, a little special given the celebration, and so I am reading the works of Roald Dahl for the entire month of September! And I couldn't be more excited!

I have such fond memories of Roald Dahl's fiction from my youth, and many of the film adaptations include as my favourite films of all time. Roald Dahl's writing is creative and fun, and even with the darker undertones, so uniquely magical at captivating a reader.

Whilst most known for children's stories, Roald Dahl also penned a number of short stories during the course of his writing career, and so I will also being enjoying those, as well as a ghost story collection he curated. I know the ghost story collection doesn't technically count as his writing per se, but I've had the book on my shelves a while, and he sourced the ghost stories, so what better time to delve in.


There is no order in which I'll be reading the above titles, and I'll be updating every so often with how I'm progressing. Also, it is worth noting that I don't HAVE to read all of these books, in fact I think it's unlikely I'll have completed both short story collections in this time frame as they are chunksters; the plan is to just have fun with a dedicated month of reading.

I hope you have a wonderful September!